Pool Services

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Aqua Terra employs only the most professionally trained staff to handle all of your pool and spa care needs. Our staff is highly knowledgeable about pool and spa maintenance in Las Vegas, and the potential problems and preventative care that the weather and seasons bring. Let our staff take care of maintaining a healthy pool and spa for you and your family. Most of our business comes from referrals, making us able to spend less on advertising, and pass the savings on to you! You can get even more savings by simply bundling your landscape and pool care with us, and simplify your billings.

Services We Offer:

Weekly maintenance services:

Water level adjustment
Visual equipment inspection
PH and Alkalinity level adjustment
Chemical level adjustment
Chlorine level adjustment
Debris removal
Floor and wall vacuuming as needed
Floor and wall sweeping as needed
Filter cleaning as needed
Documentation of any issues upon final inspection

Acid Wash “Summer Ready” package:

Draining pool and spa
Acid Wash
Deep Cleaning all surfaces
Extensive filter cleaning
Heater and Pump cleaning and programming
Deck Cleaning
Pool filling
PH and Alkalinity levels adjusted
Chemical level adjustment
Chlorine level adjustment

Chemical-Only Checkup:

Inspection of chemical levels and adjustment to proper levels
Filter Cleaning  (every 3-4 Months as Needed)

Bundle Landscape and Pool Maintenance:

Combine your pool maintenance and landscape maintenance with Aqua Terra and get additional savings plus promotional services only offered to our bundle customers!